Crossover Bodybuilder

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Crossover Bodybuilder

1 – When working with a crossover body fitted smoothly, get D-shaped knobs that are attached to the top spools of the machine.
2 – While the elbows are slightly curved, push the knobs down to get your hands on the front of the waist.
Slowly go back to the beginning of the arms to the shoulder.

دستگاه بدنسازی کراس آور

Main muscle: The lower part of the large muscle (at the head).

Auxiliary muscles: anterior deltoid, triceps

Anatomical Tips on Crossover Movement
Crossover route:
The upper trunk should be flat or slightly bent from the waist. The level at which the hands collide determines muscle concentration. That is, if the direction of movement is low and the handles reach the front of the thigh or waist, the lower part of the muscle’s wrists will be the target of the training, but if the direction of movement is high and the knobs contact the breast surface, the mid-section The muscles of the chest are pressurized.

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