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Bodybuilding machine

Pars Sport Company is a manufacturer of various types of fitness equipment that has been operating since the year 1383 using the experience and capabilities of the specialists in the field of construction and equipment of the club. All the experts of this company, using the training courses of large manufacturers of indoor fitness equipment and Outside the country, they have won the latest design and manufacturing of the best equipment, which has led the company to implement large and also large-scale projects in the fields mentioned in various public and private sectors.

Dear customers, you can contact the prospect application link to receive the price list. In this process, by completing the form and choosing the product, the price list will be sent by Pars Sport Specialists to your service.

Bodybuilding machine

Bodybuilding History in the World

At the end of the 19th century, a new intellectual trend with an ideal approach to Greek mythology (in which the beauty, fit and nourishment of the muscles and body was considered a factor for praise and praise for mankind). Emerged. Due to the influence of this new intellectual trend, the old tradition of lifting stones became a modern exercise of weightlifting, and according to its development, various aspects were found in different cultures. Eugene Sandow, a superstar of physical culture, was a person in the early 20th century who earned his reputation as a powerful professional man in Europe, triumphantly defeated other powerful men and defeated them despite all their stalwarts. He came to America in the 1890s and was supported by Florence Siegfeld. The thing that distinguished Sando from others was the beauty, skill, power and nourishment of his muscles and his body, and more so because of Sando’s reputation that the sale of barbell and dumbbell rose tremendously.

Easy shipping products

Another service of Pars Sport Company is delivery of the products at different times and at the lowest price and time to all parts of the world.

Send bodybuilding equipment to neighboring countries, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkmenistan, and through land and transit.

With the delivery of up-to-date equipment and timely delivery of equipment, Pars Sport Company has been able to achieve a large part of customers’ satisfaction, which has led customers to minimize the bodybuilding club’s launch.

The company’s goal in the near future is to equip all its equipment in suitable packaging and send it to neighboring countries.